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    Gate.io Chatroom Fully Upgrade! Enjoy Surprises Every Day!

    Gate.io Chatroom has been deeply loved and supported by the majority of users since it launched! In order to better meet the user's interactive experience, Gate.io Chatroom is comprehensively optimized and upgraded to continuously enrich users' crypto space life and unlock more benefits. Activit...

    Tags: Read: 7529 Create Time: 18 hours 11 min ago

    Daily SharkFin Launched: Get An Annualized Yield of Up To 16%!

    Gate.io will launch a Daily BTC & USDT SharkFin with an annualized yield of 3%~16%. It will be available for subscription starting from 04:00 on May 29th to 04:00 on May 30th UTC. The total position reaches 300 BTC and 8,000,000 USDT, the lock-up period is 7 days, and the price range is $27,800...

    Tags: BTC,USDT Read: 6487 Create Time: 18 hours 48 min ago

    Gate.io Structured Products Launches “Weekly SharkFin BTC 7-Day No.70”, Estimated Reward of 3%-16% P.A.

    Gate.io Structured Products will launch its 70th weekly shark fin structured product“Weekly Shark Fin BTC 7-Day No.70” on May 27th, at 10:00 AM UTC, with an estimated return of 3%-16% P.A. The total lock-up amount is capped at 300 BTC, with a lock-up period of 7 days. The weekly shark fin produc...

    Tags: BTC Read: 6564 Create Time: 19 hours 47 min ago

    Gate.io Blog:Layer 2 Project Tour: How to Prepare for Arbitrum Airdrop

    【TL; DR】 1. As one of the four existing Rollup projects with the largest market value, Arbitrum has a high possibility of airdrop and is worth investigating in advance. 2. Arbitrum is the absolute king of the whole Layer 2 field, ranking first with $2.064 billion of lock-up volume, and th...

    Tags: ETH,OP Read: 7111 Create Time: 19 hours 48 min ago

    Gate.io Has Added A 16-Day Time-Limited Reward of 68 GT to DARK/USDT, RACA/USDT Liquidity Pools​

    A 16-day time-limited bonus (68 GT per total) has been added to DARK/USDT, RACA/USDT liquidity mining pools. You’re welcome to join DARK/USDT, RACA/USDT pools and earn returns! To Earn Returns Right Now! Gate.io has launched the Liquidity Mining Help Guide which o...

    Tags: Read: 3409 Create Time: 20 hours 2 min ago

    Gate.io Startup Free Offering: MiL.k (MLK) and Announcement of Free Distribution Rules (344,828 MLK free of charge)

    About Gate.io Startup Free Airdrop Program: In order to reward platform users, Gate.io launched the "Startup Project Free Airdrop Program." Free airdrops for excellent blockchain projects are launched in the Startup area from time to time. VIP and GT users can get a variety of tokens via airdrop ben...

    Tags: MLK Read: 6221 Create Time: 20 hours 8 min ago

    Gate.io Has Added A 16-Day Time-Limited Reward of 71,921 STPT to ETH/USDT, BTC/USDT, and DOGE/BTC Liquidity Pools​

    A 16-day time-limited bonus (71,921 STPT per total) has been added to ETH/USDT, BTC/USDT, and DOGE/BTC liquidity mining pools. You’re welcome to join ETH/USDT, BTC/USDT, and DOGE/BTC pools and earn returns! To Earn Returns Right Now! Gate.io has launched the Liquid...

    Tags: Read: 4441 Create Time: 20 hours 33 min ago

    Gate.io LM Pool Weekly Report: A Total of 4 Liquidity Pools were Launched and An Extra Bonus of $15,000 Was Added to the Pools

    A total of 4 liquidity mining pools were listed on Gate.io this week. They are RITE/USDT, STEPG/USDT, EZ/USDT, and RENBTC/USDT trading pairs under Automated Market Mode. *For the handling fee, please refer to the announcements: Gate.io will Upgrade Certain Markets to Automated Market Maker (AMM)...

    Tags: Read: 4400 Create Time: 22 hours 8 min ago

    Announcement of Gate.io's 9th Anniversary Brand Upgrade

    As a world-leading crypto-financial technology company, Gate.io has operated securely for over nine years with a focus on technology-led innovation in the crypto field-namely to use the power of extraordinary technology to drive the rapid growth of the crypto industry. Since its founding in 2013...

    Tags: Read: 141717 Create Time: 23 hours 55 min ago

    Follow Gate.io on Facebook and Get a Chance to Win a Combo Bonus

    Gate.io is about to hit 40,000 followers on Facebook while celebrating our 9th birthday! Follow Gate.io on Facebook now and you will have the chance to win a combo bonus! The greater the number of followers, the greater the prize pool. 40,000 Followers ➡ $400 in Tokens 50,000 Followers ➡...

    Tags: Read: 23921 Create Time: 1 days 0 hours ago

    Gate.io Supports Upcoming Elrond (EGLD) Upgrade

    According to the Elrond (EGLD) team, the Elrond v1.3.23.0 will be activated on epoch 669, estimated on 30 May, 2022, 15:00 UTC. Gate.io supports this upgrade and will suspend EGLD deposits and withdrawals during the process.EGLD trading will not be affected. Deposits and withdrawals will be resumed...

    Tags: EGLD,Elrond Read: 10703 Create Time: 1 days 2 hours ago

    Early Bird Announcement: Gate.io WCTC (World Cup Trading Competition) - 9th Anniversary Early Bird Registration is Now Available

    On the 9th anniversary of the Gate.io platform, in order to reward users for their support, we are having the WCTC (World Cup Trading Competition). The competition includes troop showdown, solo showdown and lucky draw and so on. The expandable prize pool is up to $5,000,000. We are sincerely invitin...

    Tags: Read: 137889 Create Time: 1 days 2 hours ago

    Gate.io Daily HODL & Earn BTC No.411, up to 0.9% APR

    Gate.io Daily HODL & Earn BTC #411 will launch at 4:00 UTC on May 30 at Gate.io 's“HODL& Earn”. We are planning to lock 100 BTC in total for a period of 7 days, with an estimated reward of 0.9% P.A The HODL Link: https://www.gate.io/hodl/1269 Join Gate.io HODL & Earn Telegram grou...

    Tags: Read: 4536 Create Time: 1 days 2 hours ago

    Gate.io completed LUNC and USTC Ticker Change and To Open LUNC and USTC Markets

    According to the Terra announcements,a new chain is created and assume the Terra name, the original chain should be rebranded as Terra Classic. The LUNA and UST on the original chain should be renamed as Luna Classic(LUNC)and TerraClassicUSD(USTC) respectively. The new chain’s native mining t...

    Tags: USTC, LUNC Read: 52279 Create Time: 1 days 3 hours ago

    For community members: Guess The UEFA Champions League Final Score & Share $5,000

    The UEFA Champions League, representing the highest honor of European club football. It is known as the club cup game with the highest competitive level in the world. Since it is about to start, we are going to launch a predict and win campaign in the community! Duration: May 26 - May 29 Priz...

    Tags: Read: 20006 Create Time: 1 days 13 hours ago

    Invite your friends to trade with Gate - Get Lucky Red Packets Up to $100 Every Week

    Invite your friends to trade with Gate.io and you both can win lucky red packets of up to $100 weekly! Duration: May 26th - June 15th, 2022 How to participate: -Share your registration link with your friends, get your link right here: https://www.gate.io/referral - New user: need to compl...

    Tags: GateInfluencers,airdrop Read: 29979 Create Time: 1 days 15 hours ago

    Gate.io will Suspend Deposits and Withdrawals for Tokens on Terra  Network during Terra 2.0 Migration

    According to the Terra team, Terra 2.0 migration will be launched around May 26-27 UTC. Gate.io will suspend deposits and withdrawals for tokens on Terra network (e.g ANC) during the migration process. The deposits and withdrawals will be resumed as soon as possible after the migration event. Learn...

    Tags: ANC Read: 91856 Create Time: 1 days 17 hours ago

    Gate.io Daily Shark Fin Hit The Price Range: The Final Annualized Yield is Up To 12.20%!

    Gate.io launched "Daily Shark Fin_USDT_20220519" and "Daily Shark Fin_BTC_20220519" at 4:00 AM on May 18th UTC on the structured products page. During the observation period, the BTC price always stayed within the per-specified price range [$27,000 - $31,000] and hit the high-yield range. Users who...

    Tags: BTC,USDT Read: 11425 Create Time: 1 days 18 hours ago

    June Market Maker Competition Cancelled

    In order to celebrate Gate.io's 9th anniversary, we are cancelling the planned June Market Maker Competition and will award the cash prizes for the May Market Maker Competition in June. The remaining three prizes will be awarded based on the cumulative scores and performance of all participants from...

    Tags: Read: 9671 Create Time: 1 days 19 hours ago

    ​Share $20,000 with Gate.io's First Futures Academy "Learn and Earn"

    Gate.io “Futures Academy” is a learning platform, covering futures product principles, basic tutorials, K-line analysis and advanced and high level courses (updated continuously). To provide better learning experiences for our users, we are now launching the first Futures "Learn and Earn" activi...

    Tags: Read: 25172 Create Time: 1 days 21 hours ago
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